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Capability Spotlight – Universal Design

Universal Design in residential architecture enables homes to be functional for people with a wide range of physical challenges. Demand for Universal Design has grown significantly as more people want to ‘age in place’ and enjoy their homes longer with ‘single level living’. In addition, there are a growing number of military veterans returning to their homes with less mobility than they had before. Universal Design empowers those to live at home as independently as possible.

At HD Squared, we assist homeowners by designing alterations to their existing homes to customize the appropriate spaces for their particular challenges. Sometimes, a simple expansion of a bathroom to include a zero-entry shower provides the access that is needed. At other times, it might be desirable to customize a kitchen with multiple counter levels and spaces for a wheelchair to pull underneath. For hearing impaired individuals, hardwood floors and half-walls are important. There are a number of design strategies at our fingertips here at HD Squared Architects. Below is an example of one of our projects, highlighting the Universal Design components:

HD2 Universal Design Image

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