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  • Cheverly Ave Overview of Interior Kitchen Residential Renovation
    Cheverly Ave. Kitchen Renovation

The original kitchen of this 1930’s home was woefully dis-functional.  The only full-sized base cabinet also housed a radiator.  Neither the dishwasher nor the refrigerator doors opened fully due to the proximity of cabinetry in the existing configuration.  This kitchen of less than 100 square feet needed to become an efficient space for the single homeowner to entertain.

Demolishing the wall between the kitchen and the dining room provided an immediate sense of more space and allowed the chef to visit with guests while preparing meals in the kitchen.  The tall peninsula cabinets open both from sides to facilitate accessing the dishes without having to enter the work space. Another thoughtful detail added more countertop and storage space.  The raised portion of the wall aligns with the peninsula cabinets above, while the countertop wraps around to provide additional surface space at cabinet level.