HD Squared Architects
  • Kilmer Deck and Gardens
    Kilmore Deck & Storm Water Management

This deck and rain garden integrate to create an environmentally conscious gathering area for the residents and their guests.

Fiberon decking material is used in two colors to define the spaces of the large deck. LED stair lights in bronze automatically turn on dusk to dawn. The decking ‘field’ is lighter and banded by a darker Fiberon color to define the space and functional areas of the deck. A bench was created from the scraps of Fiberon decking material after construction of the deck. The wide stair with additional handrail serves as a welcoming entrance to the backyard as well as aiding circulation during social events.

The specially-designed garden captures the rainwater from the roof of the home through four downspouts that tie in underground. The rocks and native plants then filter the water before it is absorbed into the soil. The homeowners will receive notable funding from the County Department of the Environment through the Chesapeake Bay Fund and the storm water runoff fees paid by property owners.