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Maryland Forest Conservation Act Reform

Our CEO of HDSquared Architects, Melanie Hartwig-Davis is a voice for bridging the gap between builders and environmentalists. Recently, the Baltimore Sun reached out to Ms. Hartwig-Davis for her perspective on the Maryland Forest Conservation Act (FCA). Her views were published just days before she testified at hearings in Senate and House Committees for bills that would update the 1992 FCA.

“Complying with the law can be tricky,” Melanie Hartwig-Davis says, “but the process is aimed at minding both property rights and environmental impacts. Hartwig-Davis is an Anne Arundel County architect who works with homeowners on projects in critical areas close to waterways. She serves on the board of the Maryland League of Conservation Voters.”

“I think there’s a fluid balance between having a property owner be able to develop their property for their purposes but also negating the environmental damage that their development does,” she said.

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