HD Squared Architects
  • House front with sustainable rain garden
    The Harmonage

In an effort to capture as much water from the house onsite, the homeowners employed a variety of strategies that integrated stormwater management with the landscaping around house creating an economical means to manage large amounts of water.

RAIN GARDENS – In the front yard, two downspouts are draining into a 1600 cubic foot raingarden that was constructed with a central weeping willow. This willow recalls the couple’s southern roots and is an ideal specimen to absorb large amounts of water. The willow has now grown to be an iconic structure that defines the entrance to the home. Additionally, since the water from the front of the house is now being directed away from the foundation, previous issues with basement wetness and mold has improved the INDOOR AIR QUALITY and livability of this space.

In the rear yard, a pond (created from a bathtub from a previous renovation), is nestled in between two shallow rain gardens, thus extending the aquatic garden aesthetic. A 6″ sand bed allows the water to percolate below the mulch layer without causing mosquito problems or becoming stagnant.


BIOSWALES – Two downspouts drain to a central outlet which runs over decorative stone and mosaic path that leads to a swale, directing the water to the two raingardens by the pond.

RAIN BARRELS – 180 gallons of water is collected in rain barrels and used for a nearby vegetable garden.

PLANTED ROOF – By salvaging and reusing an exhibit from an EPA event on the mall, a carport was created and topped with a planted roof. The roof is planted with sedums and other plantings to slow down and filter the water that falls on it. Below the roof, a sand and gravel bed allows water from the sloped driveway to be filtered before it drains away down the hill.